NHS Friends and Family Results

Answer Total
Poor 23
Good 148
Very Poor 23
Neither Good Nor Poor 46
Very Good 276
Don't Know 3
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Comment Date
Apart from the appointment page being a bit OTT. The appointment itself was quite relaxed Friday 12 April
Plenty of parking Reception busy, nice calm atmosphere Lovely GP who listened, asked pertinent questions, very approachable and helpful. Gave clear next steps to my problem … Thursday 11 April
Admin fine including two useful reminders. Blood test very good, no bruising, very pleasant phlebotomist Thursday 11 April
Full reception, busy The doctor I saw gave me her full attention, concern and thought. Difficult to diagnose, so more tests. Very thorough Receptionist good Thursday 11 April
My husband was seen by the Paramedic Simon who listened and checked him over. We did not feel rushed at all. He then discussed our visit with Dr Quartey who then prescribed a further dose of Antibiotics. Wednesday 10 April